Woman Who Was Clinically Dead For 28 Minutes Brought Back To Life

| by Sheena Vasani

Doctors resurrected an Australian mother from a 28-minute death.

Caris Strestik, 20, accidentally stabbed herself in the leg with a knife while she was cooking in her kitchen in Perth, the Daily Mail reports.

Strestik said she could "feel the blood emptying from her body” before she passed out in the ambulance.

Strestik cut a major artery and, after fainting, went into cardiac arrest. Doctors performed hours of surgery and blood transfusions, expecting her to have organ failure and brain damage if she survived.

She did not wake up again until two days later at the hospital, remembering almost nothing.

"All I pretty much remember was all the pain. I remember one of the ambulance drivers saying to me everything will be OK and then I blacked out. It's just like I fell asleep. I don't even remember having a dream to be honest,” Strestik told The West Australian.

She learned she had lost almost all of her blood, her heart had been empty, and doctors declared her clinically dead for 28 minutes.

Yet somehow not only did she survive, her brain, organs and even the wounded leg were fine. She only lost her sense of taste and smell.

“She basically had no blood in her system," Dr. Ash Mukherjee said. “I came back after the weekend and I saw her on the phone having breakfast and I was absolutely stunned -- it was a miracle. It's very rewarding for us to bring someone back from the cusp.”

Strestik expressed her gratitude to her partner and the the medical team.

"If it wasn't for my partner and the 20-odd doctors that worked on me, I wouldn't be alive today. Thank you so much for not giving up on me. Twenty-five minutes is usually the time they give up,” she said.

She has fully recovered now and says she does not take anything for granted anymore.

"I'm walking and I'm chasing my little boy around again," she said.

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