Terrifying Scene Unfolds At London Train Station As Young Boy Suffers Sudden Cardiac Arrest

| by Jonathan Wolfe

London commuters watched in horror last night as a three-year-old boy suffered a heart attack on a subway platform. Numerous witnesses attempted to resuscitate the boy via CPR after he collapsed to the ground, but their efforts were ultimately in vain. The child was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital later in the night.

Passengers had their commute interrupted last night around 9 pm to the screams of the child’s parents. Paramedics were called immediately, and passengers tried to assist the child in any way possible as they waited for emergency crews to arrive.

“I could hear screams of real pain, harrowing. I wondered if someone was in labor it was so intense,” train passenger Melanie Hutchinson told the London Evening Standard. “I was looking at the people on the stationary train. Everyone who was there was facing the scene. I don’t think anyone knew what to do or what was going on.”

An intercom announcement was made asking any doctors or nurses present to go to the scene. A London Ambulance Service spokesperson says a medic arrived at the scene within three minutes of a report coming in.

“We were called just before 9.15pm to reports of child in cardiac arrest at London Bridge train station,” the spokesperson said. “We sent an ambulance crew, a paramedic on a motorbike, an advanced paramedic and a duty manager to the scene. The first of our medics arrived within three minutes of the call coming into our control room."

Paramedics took the boy to a hospital just a few minutes away, but the toddler was pronounced dead moments after arriving. Medical officials say the child died of cardiac arrest. Typically, cardiac arrest occurs in children due to a genetic condition present from birth.

Several witnesses took to the internet after the tragedy to send condolences to the boy’s family.

“What just happened at London Bridge was beyond surreal,” witness Dave Hart tweeted. “Paramedics did CPR for about 20 minutes. RIP to that little kid man.”

Sources: London Evening Standard, Independent 

Photo credit: Nick Edwards/National Pictures, Independent