South Carolina Man Lives in ER for 9 Months

| by Emily Smith

A South Carolina man remained in the Greenville Memorial Hospital ER for nine months until a local news station got involved, according to ABC News.

“This is wrong,” ER Physician Teresa Oldson said. “It’s wrong on so many levels.”

When Jesse first arrived in October 2012, Oldson began making phone calls to various departments.

According to Oldson, the South Carolina Department of Mental Health and the Department of Disabilities and Special Needs debated over responsibility. The result was that neither department took him on, and he remained stranded in the ER.

“I’ve never seen anyone stay there as long as Jesse,” Oldson said. “He is witness to all the violence, the chaos, the absolute rush of activity that goes on day and night in that emergency room.”

Oldson added that witnessing day-to-day events in the ER was probably disturbing for Jesse.

Though Oldson is a 20-year veteran of the ER, she said she came to a roadblock when no one would take Jesse.

The Department of Mental Health said that he was mentally retarded, but the Disability and Special Needs Department said he was schizophrenic, which led Oldson to playing phone tag.

Unfortunately, Oldson said that patients are often “ping-ponged” between departments.

News 4 criticized the state for “dragging its feet” in a place where people should expect to be treated within a few hours.

Sources: ABC News, KSBW