Plastic Surgeons: Patients Want 'Ivanka Trump' Look (Photo)

| by Michael Allen

Several cosmetic surgeons say their patients want to look like first daughter Ivanka Trump, which appears to mark a shift away from looking like reality TV star Kim Kardashian.

Dr. Gabriel Chiu of Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Inc. explained this phenomena to The Hollywood Reporter:

No matter what your political leanings are, Ivanka Trump is a kind of role model. How many people have her look, went to an Ivy League school and hold their own in business and socially? It's both facial and body features. People talk about her cheekbones, how proportionate her face is, the combined features of her eyes, nose and lips.

Chiu said Trump's youthful face shape can be attained with a fat-transfer procedure.

Certified aesthetic nurse specialist Jill Caruso, based in New York City, added: "The aesthetic look is moving nationally from a Kardashian type to an Ivanka Trump look -- less done."

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"My patients in their 20s still want to look like Kylie Jenner, but those in their 30s to mid-40s are going for a softer, classic appearance, more like Ivanka Trump," said Dr. Sharon Giese, who is also based in New York.

"In my practice, Ivanka is sort of the new style icon for plastic surgery," Houston-based Dr. Franklin Rose told USA Today. "And why not? I think she's exquisite."

One of Rose's patients, Jenny Stewart, took notice of Trump when her father, Donald Trump, ran for president:

I was very much interested in the election, and that’s when I started thinking she was pretty. I thought Ivanka was classically pretty and not overdone. I had always admired her appearance, but then I started seeing her more often in the media. She was right there and still is. I follow her on Instagram and Facebook and I see her in my news feed.

After googling images of Trump, Stewart went on to have about $30,000 worth of cosmetic surgery: breast augmentation, nose reshaping, liposuction and injectable fillers in the face.

"In the last year and a half, I've seen several patients who came in with pictures of Ivanka," Rose added. "The Ivanka thing is very widespread, at least in Texas."

Dr. Rod Rohrich, a Dallas-based cosmetic surgeon, concurred: "Yes, absolutely, I have had a lot of patients in the past six months or more who ask about Ivanka’s great and sculpted, clean facial features, including her high cheekbones and beautiful skin and elegant nose."

Dr. Alan Matarasso, a plastic surgeon in New York City, agreed:

There’s always been an interest in the appearance and the trends of public figures and [Ivanka] has been a good example, because she's a very pretty woman, she's articulate and she has classic features. I can't give you any numbers. But the reason is, she’s been in the media a lot, she has classic good looks and is not overdone in any way.

Sherrell Aston, a professor of plastic surgery at New York University, believes the Ivanka trend could go nationwide:

I think that across the country, plastic surgeons with aesthetic practices will see people who will mention her by name as being someone they admire and would like to have features that are similar. I don’t think it’s necessarily limited to Houston. [Ivanka] is widespread [in the media] and so is aesthetic surgery, and I think it’s conceivable it could happen anywhere in the country.
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