Pennsylvania Sweet 16 Party Interrupted By Feces Falling From The Sky (Video)

| by Jared Keever

A Pennsylvania girl’s Sweet 16 birthday party came to an abrupt and unpleasant end over the weekend when party-goers were pelted with, what they believe, was feces falling from the sky. 

There are plenty of puns to describe what happened at Sunday’s party in Levittown, but the birthday girl’s stepfather, Joe Cambray, didn’t mince words in a videotaped interview with WTXF News (shown below).

"Out of nowhere, from the sky, comes a bunch of feces, lands on here," Cambray said, indicating a tent canopy he had just purchased to protect guests from the elements. 

But, he said, he never would have guessed just how handy the canopy would prove to be. 

Cambray’s sister, Kristie Rogy, said the brown specks coated most of the items in the backyard. 

"We just got done with cake,” she recounted. “Thank God we took the cake back in, because within two minutes, something fell from the sky. It was brown, it was everywhere, it got on everything.”

Cambray said he lined up all the outdoor items and cleaned them off with a garden hose. 

It’s unclear exactly where the feces came from. But Rogy told WTXF she has a theory. 

While Cambray was busy cleaning, she used an app on her smartphone to determine that there were five airliners flying over the house when the unwanted elements dropped in. 

The family has since filed a complaint with the Federal Aviation Administration

The FAA told WTXF that planes are required to dispose of waste at an airport, but said it was investigating the complaint. 

It’s not the first time an airliner has been blamed for dropping such unwanted surprises.  

In June 2013, The Star reported a Canadian couple complained that large chunks of frozen human waste had splashed into the pool of their Mississauga, Ontario, home. 

They believed the matter fell from an airplane, but after an investigation, Transport Canada concluded it had not. 

The agency did admit, however, that human waste does occasionally fall from a plane’s lavatory system, if the system is faulty or has a leak. The waste usually collects into a ball of ice and detaches from the plane’s fuselage as it thaws during a decent. But that matter is typically tinted blue — unlike what landed in the family’s pool — by the chemicals used in the lavatory system, the agency said. 

In March 2013, The Huffington Post reported a British woman awoke one morning to find an 18-inch hole in the roof of her Staffordshire, England, home. The hole was left, she said, by a large chunk of frozen human waste that had fallen from a plane. 

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Photo Credit: Screenshot from YouTube