North Dakota Couple Takes Baby To ER, Officials Remove Their Three Kids (Video)

| by Michael Allen

Molly Bowling and Michael Becker say that authorities in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, removed their three children in December 2014.

The couple says that their kids were removed after they took their 2-month-old son Creedance to an emergency room, noted

"And he wouldn't eat and while he was crying we'd see the cut on his tongue. I called his doctor and the doctor said I should go to the ER. I went to the ER," Bowling told KSFY (video below).

"And they called Children's Voice, they said that Creedance needed to stay overnight," added Bowling.

"As soon as I asked for a lawyer, they came here and took the other two kids out of the house," stated Becker. "I'm scared to take my kids to the doctor ever again. When we do get them back I'm just going to wrap all of my kids in bubble wrap so nothing ever happens to them, because if you do have to take them to the doctor, this is scary that this could happen."

The couple says they got a letter from CPS claiming their were signs of neglect, but abuse was not mentioned.

"Neglect can be a number of things, when parents don't meet the needs of their children. You know, that could be not responding to a health issue, it could be failure to thrive," stated Division of Child Protective Services Director Virgena Wieseler.

"The only time a medical professional is going to contact law enforcement or child protection is if a child presents with an injury and the explanation by the caregiver or the parent is inconsistent with that injury," added Wieseler. "Parents should not be afraid to take their children to a doctor."

However, Becker and Bowling have plenty of fear because they have not been told when they can go to court and try to get their children back.

Sources:, KSFY
Image Credit: KSFY screenshot