Mom Arrested for Using Taser on 14-Year-Old Son

| by Michael Allen

In Pflugerville, Texas, an unidentified mother was arrested after allegedly using a taser on her 14-year-old son as a form of punishment.

According to, police received a report from Child Protective Services after a teacher told them about the suspected abuse.

A 4-year-old sibling of the teen told a teacher that his brother had been tased four times, including once in the head, by his mother while the father held him down, said the police report.

Police noticed bruising and burn marks on the teen, which were consistent with injuries caused by stun guns. The injuries were to the teen's arms and back.

The teen's mother told police that she had threatened her son with the stun gun because “he is a handful” and because “I don’t even know where my child is half the time.”