Organ Trafficking: Woman Wakes Up From Minor Surgery Without Her Kidney

| by Khier Casino

A Chinese hospital has been accused of organ trafficking after it allegedly removed a kidney from a female patient without her knowledge.

Factory worker Wai Jianmin, 29, was admitted to Shenzhen Guangsheng Hospital, in the Guangdong province of China, for a routine operation to remove a blockage in her urinary tract on Aug. 23, the Daily Mail reports.

After waking up from anesthesia, she was shocked to learn from the surgeon that her left kidney had been removed to save her life. She was told that the kidney had begun to bleed.

However, Jianmin was quick to doubt the hospital and suspected it was involved in organ trading, reports Shanghaiist, citing Oriental Daily.

"I was worried because there had never been anything wrong with my kidney and yet here was the doctor telling me out of the blue that it had to go," said Jianmin.

"But when I asked for a second opinion or to transfer to a different hospital he told me that if I didn't have an operation I would die so I reluctantly signed the forms," she added.

After the operation, Jianmin’s family asked for independent tests on the kidney, which they claimed mysteriously disappeared from the hospital.

The hospital also offered compensation after the family tried to talk about the operation on Aug. 26.

“I think they took my kidney and did something with it,” said Jianmin, who reported the case to police and health officials.

A hospital spokesman said: “The kidney was removed in agreement with expert opinion and is now in storage at the hospital.”

Shenzhen Health Inspection Bureau said the investigation into the allegations are ongoing.

“There is no evidence of wrongdoing yet but we continue to interview people,” officials added.

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