Newborn Proves Doctors Wrong And Beats Cancer

| by Daniel Rivera

Baby Abigail's parents were shocked when doctors told them their newborn daughter's tumor was cancerous and untreatable.

Doctors diagnosed Abigail Jones with a malignant brain tumor before she was born, and said it was too aggressive to treat, LiftBump reports.

Her family accepted the diagnosis and took Abigail home so she could spend her last days with them.

To her parents' shock, Abigail's condition improved. Although born with Down syndrome and the tumor, the infant started to put on weight and interact with those around her.

Baffled by her unexpected progress, Abigail's parents reached out to Boston Children's Hospital, seeking a second opinion.

Drs. Alan R. Cohen and Mark Kieran reviewed Abigail's MRIs and reassured the family's hopes.

"I spoke to [Abigail's] mom on the phone and told her that I thought there was enough question about the diagnosis that we should not give Abigail a death sentence,” Cohen told ABC News.

Upon receiving news that her daughter could survive, Abigail's mother, Erika Jones, wrote an emotional blog post about how she had not gotten Abigail vaccinated, set up her nursery or done any of the things that parents usually do -- out of fear her baby would not live long.

“It’s terrifying to put life back on the table,” Erika wrote. “It scares me to hope. But someone said to me, ‘you won’t regret hope.’ So I’m allowing myself to hope, and pretty recklessly right now. Suddenly, I think my baby is going to live. Truly I do. Even though they still say it’s a very long shot. But I’ll take it.”

The Jones family went to Boston for further testing.

Their hopes were raised when another MRI strengthened Cohen and Kieran's suspicion that the tumor was not malignant. After the tumor was removed, Cohen confirmed it was benign.

Jones took to Facebook to thank God and the doctors of the the good news, writing: “Praising Him this morning! So consumed with joy. Can’t hardly breathe looking at this beautiful girl. My girl. I get to keep you!! I can’t wait to see your story unfold. To tell you how you are a living testimony of healing. Amazing. Overwhelmed!”

Abigail was discharged from the hospital on Oct. 12, ABC News reports.

According to the National Cancer Institute, childhood cancer mortality rates have decreased by more than 50 percent since 1975.

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