Mother Of 13 Set To Become Oldest Woman To Give Birth To Quadruplets At Age 65

| by Jonathan Constante

A 65-year-old German woman is about to make history by becoming the oldest woman to give birth to quadruplets.

Annegret Raunigk is set to retire this year from teaching. She has 13 children — the oldest of whom is 44 — and seven grandchildren, and is now carrying quadruplets, the Daily Mail reports.

Raunigk had been trying for about 18 months to become pregnant through artificial insemination until she finally succeeded. She claims she did so because her youngest daughter — who is 9 years old — wanted a little brother or sister, reports Yahoo News.

The woman’s story made the front page of German newspaper Bild am Sonntag, where she recalled the moment doctors told her she was having quadruplets.

“Certainly that was a shock for me,” Raunigk told the newspaper. “After the doctor discovered there were four, I had to give it some thought to begin with. On the scan it was just clear to see.”

Doctors suggested that Raunigk consider “selective reduction,” where one or two fetuses would be aborted, but the mother of 13 refused.

While most women her age would find giving birth to quadruplets daunting, Raunigk remains confident about the challenges ahead.

“I’m not actually afraid,” said Raunigk, who made headlines a decade ago for giving birth to her daughter, Leila, at the age of 55. “I simply assume I’ll remain healthy and fit. In matters of organizsation I have enough experience, that’s not new for me.”

In speaking with private German TV channel RTL on April 12, Raunigk challenged the claim she is too old to have another baby — let alone quadruplets.

“How does one have to be at 65?” asked Raunigk, who is currently in the 21st week of her pregnancy. “One must apparently always fit some cliches which I find rather tiring. I think, one must decide that for oneself.”

Sources: Daily Mail, Yahoo News / Photo Credit: Publicity Photo Via Daily Mail