Mom Rejects Disabled Twin, Calls Her a 'Dribbling Cabbage' and Leaves Her With Surrogate Mom

| by Lisa Fogarty

A mother in Britain, who relied on the help of a surrogate mother to carry her twin children, reportedly took the boy but left his twin sister behind after discovering she suffered from Congenital Myotonic Dystrophy, reports Metro.

The surrogate mother, who has not released her name but refers to herself as “Jenny,” says the woman called her daughter “a f****** dribbling cabbage” and questioned “Who would want to adopt her?”

“Jenny” gave birth to the twins after striking a 12,000-pound agreement with the woman and her male partner, reports The Telegraph. After the parents refused to take the boy’s disabled sister, the surrogate mom and her partner took on the responsibility of being her parents. She says she “hates” the couple for what they did and that her partner has even had to retrain for a different career and take a pay cut so that they could arrange to care for their new daughter.

“I got into surrogacy because I wanted to help a mother who couldn’t have children,” the woman said. “But I feel very angry because of what she’s done to that baby girl. I’m glad she is miles away and I’ll never see her in the street.”

Jenny and her partner, Mark, say they couldn’t have possibly turned over their daughter, whom they named “Amy,” to people who showed a “disregard” for her health. They are raising Amy along with their other children.

“Amy is 100 percent our daughter,” Jenny said. “I love her as much as my other children. I wouldn’t change anything.”

Sources: Metro, The Telegraph

Photo Source: Bonbon/Flickr, PA