Bread Isn't Just For Eating Anymore

| by Brendan Kelly

If you thought bread was just for eating, you'd be mistaken. As it turns out, bread has many helpful household uses that will make your life easier.

If you've been searching for an easier way to clean your coffee grinder, bread can help with that. Tear off a few pieces of bread and put them in your coffee grinder.

Turn on the grinder for a few moments and then empty the contents and wipe out any excess crumbs with a dry towel. You'll have a sparkling clean grinder.

Another useful trick is to use a slice of bread to pick up  broken glass. According to Cleanspiration, the bread will pick up all the tiny shards of glass the broom may have missed. It will also protect your hands from cuts while picking up the larger pieces.

One of the more surprising uses of bread is for removing splinters. Next time you find yourself with a splinter, set aside the tweezers and grab the bread, suggests the It Keeps Getting Better blog. Take a small piece of bread and put it on the inside of a bandage. Leave the bandage on the splinter overnight and by the morning, your splinter should have found its way into the bread and out of your finger.

If you've ever overcooked a pot of rice, as we all have at some point, you can use a slice of bread to fix your mistake. All you need to do is set a slice of bread over the rice, put the lid back on the pot, and leave it for a few minutes. Soon, the bread will have absorbed the burned taste and smell and you can enjoy your rice.

As you can see, bread's uses go far beyond sandwiches. Bread is inexpensive and most likely already in your kitchen, so you may as well use it.

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