Fathers Who Call Daughters 'Princess' Are Guilty of Sexism, Says Study

| by Michael Allen

Fathers who called their daughters by the affectionate name “princess” and help them financially in their early years are unknowingly committing "benevolent sexism."

That's the conclusion of a study by Marquette University psychology professors Stephen Franzoi and Debra Oswald.

The study, "Experiencing Sexism and Young Women’s Body Esteem," was done in 2012, but is now getting attention after being posted on

The professors surveyed 86 female college freshmen and their parents about their views on female attributes and roles. Female students were also asked about their views on 35 of their body parts.

According to the study, women who felt better about their bodies were more likely to have dads who were guilty of "benevolent sexism."

The professors say that this “benevolent sexism” includes providing financial support for a daughter, encouraging her to wear makeup, holding doors open for her or making her feel “special," notes The Daily Caller.

“This pattern of sexist behavior restricts what the woman can and cannot do by setting up rewards and punishments when they engage in gender non-conforming behaviors,” stated Oswald. “Truly loving behavior toward a partner does not have this contingency.”

“It is important that women look at the broader patterns of their experiences and if they realize the behaviors, while seemingly nice, put them in restricted roles then they need to work to challenge the perpetrators,” added Oswald.

Sources: The Daily Caller,, Marquette University (Image Credit: JD Hancock)