Memoir By Kate Gross Fighting Cancer Will Show You How To Live Life To Fullest

| by Khier Casino

Kate Gross was diagnosed with aggressive colon cancer at age 34 and passed away two years later this past Christmas at her home in Cambridge, England. But she achieved more than many do in a lifetime, including writing a memoir about her life being cut short.

Prior to her cancer, Gross received an English degree from the University of Oxford. She worked as a private secretary in Number 10 Downing Street for two former U.K. Prime Ministers, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, according to the Daily Mail.

At 30, she was CEO of the African Governance Initiative, Blair’s charity that offers advice on leadership and political reform in countries including Rwanda, Sierra Leone and Liberia, The Guardian reports.

(via the Daily Mail)

Gross, who is survived by her husband Billy and their 5-year-old twins, Isaac and Oscar, was awarded the Order of the British Empire (OBE) in 2014 for her charitable work.

She blogged about her illness and treatment at, and completed a book titled “Late Fragments: Everything I Wanted to Tell You About the Magnificence of Life,” published by Harper Collins earlier this month.

(via the Daily Mail)

In her moving memoir, written for those she cared about the most, Gross talks about the wonder to be found every day, her thoughts on dying young, and finding hope and joy in times of tragedy.

On Dec. 11, she wrote her last blog post as she entered the final phase of cancer: “I have had this disease for over two years, but now I am drawing in like the December nights, knocking on the door of what Philip Gould called the death zone – the great winding-down we all will face when we have weeks, not more, left to live. I enter the calmer, quieter world of palliative care. In this new world, my quest is for liveable days, pleasant and comfortable hours, and moments of snatched happiness.”

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