The Secret Behind McDonald's Famous Fries Is Revealed (Video)

| by Dominic Kelly

Most of us have wondered how McDonald's actually makes their food, and now, they've released a video showing exactly how they make their famous french fries.

In the description for their newly released video, McDonald's says they finally want to go public to dispel any rumors that their fries are anything other than real potatoes.

"Does McDonald’s use real potatoes? Why do the fries always taste so good? Are they mashed and formed in a mold? There are a lot of questions about our fries so Grant Imahara is going to investigate our fry making process in his own way. Watch and discover how we make our World Famous Fries," reads the video's description.

In the clip, Grant Imahara, known for the show "Mythbusters," goes through the process of making McDonald's fries backwards to prove that the company actually uses real potatoes and not something fake. Check out the video below. Do you believe that this is really how the fast food company makes their french fries?

Source: Fox 8 News, TIME Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons