Plastic Found Inside McNugget, McDonald's Recalls One Million Of Them

| by Dominic Kelly

McDonald’s was reportedly forced to recall one million McNuggets after a customer recently found a piece of plastic inside one of them.

According to reports, the owner of a chain of McDonald’s restaurants in Japan is still feeling the effects of the incident that happened earlier this month. A customer was reportedly eating a nugget when a piece of vinyl was discovered inside the breaded chicken piece.

As a direct result of the finding, McDonald’s was forced to recall McNuggets that were made at a plant in Thailand on the same day as the tainted one that was sold, and now, the nugget in question is being examined.

Reports note that the plant in Thailand and some McDonald’s officials are claiming the plastic found inside the chicken nugget did not come from their facility.

Sources: Independent Journal Review, The Wall Street Journal, Mother Jones

Photo Sources: Mother Jones, Independent Journal Review