Man Has Iron Rod Stuck In Head, Calmly Asks For Help (Video)

| by Michael Allen

Adam Armitage recently walked into a gas station in Tauranga, New Zealand, with an iron rod stuck in his head and calmly asked the cashier for help.

The bizarre incident was caught on surveillance video (below) and posted by USA Today.

Armitage also asked the cashier if she could call the police because he had been attacked.

"It was really like, man, is this a TV show, is this guy for real?" gas station owner Lester Gray told The Telegraph. "It looked like a Halloween stunt where people wear those Halloween costumes over their heads, but it was pretty real when he turned around and the blood was coming down the side of his head."

"He was pretty calm," witness Dylan Shea said. "He wasn't freaking out or anything, so he was like obviously knew what had gone wrong, and he said he knew his first aid and that, so he didn't try and rip it out or anything."

Fortunately, the tire iron was removed from Armitage's head at a local hospital. He was later airlifted to another hospital where he is in serious condition.

According to The New Zealand Herald, police said that Armitage was sitting in his car on the side of the road when he was punched by unknown assailants and struck with the iron bar.

Armitage then drove to the gas station for help.

Sources: The New Zealand Herald, USA Today, The Telegraph / Image Credit: USA Today Screenshot