Man Facing Foot Amputation Takes The News In The Best Way Possible (Photos)

| by Jonathan Wolfe

Most people would be an emotional wreck if they learned they were going to have a foot amputated, and understandably so. That’s a huge, life-altering event.

With that said, people facing that daunting future may be wise to look at Joe, better known as reddit user rightfooted, for an example of how to take the change. When Joe learned his foot would be amputated due to pigmented villonodular synovitis, he made the absolute best of the situation.

In an album titled “The Last Adventures of Joe’s Left Foot,” Joe’s sister shared with us the awesome things Joe did leading up to his surgery:

We could saw it off...

We could BUZZ-saw it off...

Paintball it off?

He even got a tattoo:

Perforated lines with scissors and

Here he is with two of his favorite artists, Royal Teeth and Cherub, at the Firefly Music Festival:

Royal Teeth @ Firefly Music Festival

Cherub @ Firefly Music Festival

Post surgery, still finding energy to support the U.S. Men's National Team in the World Cup:

Post-amputation and still supporting USMNT!

In a reddit interview, Joe told users that despite his optimistic spirit, he broke down at one point leading up to the procedure.

“There was a point a couple days ago when I became overwhelmed and lost it for about 30 minutes,” he wrote. “I got a good cry out and felt better since.”

Joe told the reddit community that he had some serious pre-operation nerves as well.

“Right before surgery, I was definitely freaking out a bit,” he recalled. "It was such a 'no turning back' decision. But as soon as I woke up from the surgery and looked down, I knew I had done the right thing."

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