Man Awarded $4 Million After Undergoing Surgery, Years Of Treatment For Misdiagnosis

| by Jonathan Wolfe

New York man Robert Wyble is $4 million richer after a court recently awarded him the large sum of money in a medical malpractice suit.

Wyble’s problems started in 2004, the New York Daily News reports, when he started inexplicably falling down at random. Wyble sought medical attention and was placed under the care of Dr. Dale Lange. Lange told Wyble he had myasthenia gravis and began treating him accordingly.

To combat the condition, Wyble had his chest cut open so doctors could remove his thymus gland. He was put through bi-weekly blood treatments and took a medication that made him gain 80 pounds. Yet, still, the falls continued.

In 2009, Lange left Sinai Medical Center for a new job. When his replacement met with Wyble, he told Wyble that Wyble had been misdiagnosed. He didn’t have myasthenia gravis. He had cataplexy, a condition that is easily managed with medication.

Wyble immediately began taking cataplexy medication and – just like that – the falls stopped.

“He didn’t have it [myasthenia gravis], and all these treatments made him worse,” Wyble’s lawyer, Richard Gurfein, said. Wyble then decided to sue for the years of damage done to his body because of the misdiagnosis. 

Lange’s lawyer, Craig Fenno, plans to appeal the $4 million award.

“The medical judgments and the treatment recommendations made by Dr. Lange were sound and made in accordance with accepted established practice,” Fenno said.

Here’s a comforting bit of information for you: Lange is now the chief neurologist at the Hospital for Special Surgery in Manhattan. 

Source: New York Daily News, Wikipedia