Homeowners Association Tells Breast Cancer Survivor To Take Down Pink Ribbon

| by Jonathan Wolfe

We all know people have their fair share of disagreements with homeowners' associations, but this one is a bit much.

Florida resident Linda Karp was asked by her homeowners' association to remove a pink breast cancer awareness ribbon from an entryway of her home. Karp survived a fight with breast cancer 16 years ago.

"Oh, I'm very angry,” Karp said. “These people are being outrageously unkind.”

In pictures, the ribbon looks to be about a foot tall. It hangs on the inside of a screened-in entry to Karp’s home. Here it is:

“It’s on the inside of my entryway,” Karp said. “I’m not offending anyone. My neighbors are all supportive of breast cancer; I don’t know why they’re not.”

Florida news station Fox 4 obtained a copy of the Regent Park homeowners' association’s documents and found nothing in them forbidding visible signs in a home’s entryway.

Karp insists she won’t be taking down the ribbon anytime soon.

"I want them to leave me alone,” she said. “It's a pink ribbon ... I'm not removing it.”

Sources: Fox 4, Yahoo