75-Year-Old Man Turned Away from 25 Hospitals, Dies

| by Michael Allen

A 75-year-old man died after 25 hospitals refused to admit him to their emergency rooms, 36 times over two hours. The hospitals claimed a lack of beds or doctors to treat him in Tokyo, Japan.

According to AFP, the unidentified man called an ambulance after suffering breathing problems at his Kuki, Japan home in January.

Paramedics rushed to the elderly man's home, but were told by 25 hospitals that they could not accept the man because they did not have enough physicians or any free beds.

The ambulance eventually made a 20 minute drive to a hospital in Ibaraki, Japan, but the man was pronounced dead shortly after arrival.

While Japan has subsidized healthcare, it also has a population that is living longer. With fewer young people entering the workforce, healthcare providers are becoming increasingly strained, especially for the poor and middle class.

Source: AFP