Gunmen Storm Liberian Ebola Hospital Freeing 29 Patients

| by Sarah Fruchtnicht

Armed men claiming “there’s no Ebola” stormed a Liberian clinic overnight and freed 29 potentially infected patients.

"They broke down the doors and looted the place. The patients all fled," Rebecca Wesseh told AFP Sunday.

She claims she heard the gunman shouting that President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf “is broke” and "She wants money. There's no Ebola."

Munrovia residents and George Williams, head of Health Workers Association of Liberian, confirmed the attack, which came just one day after a report that a group of several hundred residents drove away a burial team and police escort who came to collect bodies of patients. The group forced open an Ebola isolation ward and forced several patients out.

Many of the demonstrators allege that the epidemic is a hoax. Others blame foreigners for bringing the disease to their village.

There are numerous reports of aid workers being attacked by locals, patients being forcibly removed from clinics and aid convoys being blocked.

The World Health Organization says the Ebola outbreak has claimed 1,145 lives. Medecins Sans Frontieres, a medical charity, told the Daily Mail that the outbreak will take at least six months to bring under control.

Sources: Daily Mail, CBS News, The Guardian

Image credit: Flickr Creative Commons / European Commission DG ECHO