Girl Could Die At Any Moment From Rare Condition

| by John Freund

An Oklahoma City toddler could die at any moment due to having twice as many veins as a normal adult.

Cambree Hensley, 2, has been diagnosed with Klippel-Trenaunay syndrome, a disease affecting only one in 100,000 people worldwide, the Daily Mail reports.

The condition causes the toddler's veins to be much larger than usual.  

Hensley experiences pain every day. The increased blood flow causes swelling and puts her at high risk of developing a potentially lethal blood clot, which could happen at any moment. 

Hensley's left leg is longer and wider than her right, which often causes her to tip over while walking. She also has to wear specially designed orthopedic shoes to help her walk.

KTS has no known cause or cure, and affects different children in different ways, according to Boston Children's Hospital. The condition is progressive, so symptoms must be managed immediately.

Hensley has had to undergo a slew of surgeries, including sclerotherapy to shut off smaller veins, laser therapy and more.

The family has started a GoFundMe page to raise funds for annual check ups in Boston, as well as further surgeries. They hope to close the main extra vein, which would reduce the chances of developing a fatal blood clot. 

Sources: Daily Mail, Boston Children's Hospital / Photo Credit: PA Real Life via Daily Mail

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