GOP Senate Candidate Joni Ernst Opposes Government Feeding Poor Americans

| by Michael Allen

U.S. Senate candidate Joni Ernst (R-Iowa) believes the government should not be feeding poor Americans.

In remarks from 2013 to the Des Moines Conservative Breakfast Club posted by Iowa Public Radio, Ernst expressed her opposition to the government assisting hungry citizens.

“We have lost a reliance on not only our own families, but so much of what our churches and private organizations used to do. They used to have wonderful food pantries. They used to provide clothing for those that really needed it, but we have gotten away from that,” stated Ernst. “Now we’re at a point where the government will just give away anything. We have to stop that.”

Ernst failed to mention that many food banks and churches have seen a drastic cut in donations ever since the 2008 Wall Street crash/recession, reported the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette in 2012.

Also, when food stamps were cut in 2013 (because the 2009 stimulus package expired), food banks were overwhelmed by hungry Americans, noted MSNBC.

Ernst also failed to mention that most food stamp recipients are working Americans, children and seniors, according to MediaMatters.org.

In addition to opposing food for poor people, Ernst added, “I don’t believe in an education department at the federal level. I think that is something that we could eliminate and that would save."

During a debate this week against State Rep. Bruce Braley (D-Iowa), Ernst said several times that she is for "life" when it comes to abortion.

Ernst was asked if there were any exceptions in which she would allow abortion (video below).

According to ThinkProgress.org, Ernst replied, "I support life so, going back to perhaps the life of the mother, I think that would be important."

Ernst made no mention of rape or incest exceptions for abortion.

Despite her opposition to feeding poor people via the government, Ernst is supported by two Christian organizations, The Family Leader and CitizenLink (political arm of Focus on the Family).

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