GOP Candidate Compares People Who Get Food Stamps to Animals

| by Michael Allen

Dr. Annette Bosworth, a Republican candidate for South Dakota's U.S. Senate seat, recently compared Americans who get food stamps to wild animals.

According to, Dr. Bosworth posted an image on her Facebook page on Monday, which read, "The food stamp program is administered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. They proudly report that they distribute free meals and food stamps to over 46 million people on an annual basis.”

“Meanwhile, the National Park Service, run by the U.S. Department of the Interior, asks us ‘please do not feed the animals.’ Their stated reason for this policy being that… 'The animals will grow dependent on the handouts, and then they will never learn to take care of themselves.' This concludes today’s lesson. Any questions?”

According to the USDA in 2011, 47 percent of food stamp recipients were children under age 18, 8 percent were age 60 or older and 41 percent lived in a household where someone was employed.

While Dr. Bosworth takes shots at low income people on food stamps, the Argus Leader reported earlier this year that her campaign was $255,030 in debt, but only had $249,645 in cash on hand. Her debt reportedly includes $20,000 owed to an ad agency, which is threatening a lawsuit.

In 2013, Dr. Bosworth agreed to pay back "$5,500 and forfeit another $9,000 in Medicaid payments" to South Dakota's Medicaid program, according to the KELO.

South Dakota claimed that Dr. Bosworth submitted Medicaid claims that were partially inaccurate.

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