Texas Mom Georgia Jones Sentenced to 16 Years in Prison For Neglecting, Contributing to Death of Diabetic Daughter

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A Dallas mom pleaded guilty on Monday to neglecting her daughter, who ultimately died from a diabetes complication.

Georgia Jones, 31, was arrested a few months after her daughter, 9-year-old Chastity Butler, was found dead on her bed with a bag of candy and a half-eaten cupcake. The family was celebrating a birthday the day Chastity died.

On Monday, Jones pleaded guilty and was sentenced by Judge Gary Stephens to 16 years behind bars.

“Chastity’s diabetes was not monitored properly causing her to be constantly sick and in bed rather that leading a normal life like other children her age,” Dallas police documents say.

The police and Child Protective Services investigations revealed that Chastity often had to check her own blood sugar or ask for help from one of her four younger sisters. Jones also did not pay much attention to dietary restrictions and often fed Chastity foods high in glucose.

Chastity even slipped into a coma in 2005, and Jones was then required to take a Diabetes 101 class, which she never showed up for. Jones also did not take Chastity for follow-up treatments for five months following the coma.

Days before her death, CPS came by to investigate how Chastity and her other sisters were being taken care of, but did not find any suspicious evidence. The day before she died, however, Chastity was complaining of stomach pain, had diarrhea and was vomiting. According to police reports, Jones checked her blood sugar level and found it was incredibly high, but still let her eat sugar and cupcakes the next day.

Jones faced a maximum of 20 years in prison. Jones’ mother has been given permanent custody of her other four daughters, who were between the ages of two and eight when Chastity died.

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