Judge Orders KFC to Pay $8.3M to Girl Brain Damaged by Twister Wrap

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An Australian court ordered fast food giant KFC to pay 8.3 million USD to a young girl who suffered severe brain damage and paralysis after consuming the brand’s iconic “Twister Wrap.”

Monika Samaan, 7, was afflicted with salmonella encephalopathy in October 2005 after eating at a local KFC in Sydney, Australia. SE is a rare brain complication linked to severe food poisoning. Samaan’s case was easily traced back to the suspect wrap she consumed at the fast food restaurant of note.

The infection sent Samaan into life threatening septic shock, which she fortunately survived, though the trauma left her with severe cognitive defects, motor and speech impairment and spastic quadriplegia.

The New South Wales Supreme Court sided with the Samaan family, ordering that KFC pay out a multi-million dollar judgment in damages, costs and disbursements. The family’s lawyer George Vlahakis said that the Samaans were simply relieved to have this whole legal ordeal behind them, and that the money would go a long way towards helping pay for Monika’s medical expenses and ongoing care.