Edgardo Toucet Loses Penis, Testicles in Peeler Machine, Files Lawsuit

| by Michael Allen

Edgardo Toucet filed a lawsuit last Friday in a Hillsborough County Court in Florida against Spartan Staffing, which sent him to a job where he was not properly instructed on how to use a peeler machine.

A peeler machine is a spinning, razor-sharp blade that cuts uneven edges off of rolls of carpet foam.

According to the Broward-Palm Beach New Times, Spartan Staffing sent Toucet, who does not read or speak English, to Future Foam, a manufacturing plant.

Toucet's lawsuit states: “On January 13, 2010, while performing work as a peeler machine helper, Toucet came into contact with the machine’s spinning blade and his penis and testicles were completely severed.”

The Orlando Sentinel reported that previous court documents indicatde that Future Foam had removed a safety device from the peeler.

“The surgically sharp steel blade sliced through Toucet’s pelvis cutting off his penis and testicles while virtually cutting his body in half,” said a previous court filing. “Future Foam was aware of prior instances in which workers had suffered injury or death due to insufficient, tampered with, or missing protection on this type of machine.”

Sources: Broward-Palm Beach New Times and  Orlando Sentinel