Doctor Delivers Mother, Father And Their Child

| by Amanda Andrade-Rhoades

Breanna and Kevin Fleischman grew up just a mile apart in Orange County, California, but they met in high school. Nine years after graduating, the couple got married and decided to begin a family.

Breanna told KTLA that when she mentioned Dr. Barrie May of Saddleback Memorial Medical Center would be delivering the couple's first child, Kevin’s mother replied, “That’s who delivered Kevin as well!”

Coincidentally, Dr. May also delivered Breanna. 

Though Dr. May has delivered over 10,000 babies, he said it was the first time he’s delivered a mother, father and their child. Dr. May has been delivering babies for the last 46 years and frequently delivers the babies of people he helped bring into the world decades prior. “It’s literally a full circle,” he said.

Breanna spoke highly of Dr. May, although her labor was difficult. “He’s been there through the entire pregnancy, supportive and patient,” she said.

Breanna and Kevin’s son, Maverick, was delivered on Tuesday, marking the 10,437th baby Dr. May has delivered. 

The couple, who lives in Ladera Ranch, is already thinking about having another child “as long as [Dr. May] is sticking around here practicing,” Kevin said, laughing. 

Source: KTLA / Image via KTLA