Discount Store Tells Mom to Leave Disabled Son in Hot Car (Video)

| by Michael Allen

Jessica Margiotta recently tried to go shopping at a Family Dollar store in Marrero, La., with her 5-month-old daughter and her 3-year-old son, who has muscle deficiency and cannot walk on his own.

However, she was told by a store employee not to bring her son's stroller inside because it was "against store policy."

Margiotta said the store manager told her to carry her son in her other arm or put her disabled son in her (hot) car and go shopping without him (video below).

"I would never leave my kids in the vehicle, ever," Margiotta told WDSU. "Cold or hot outside. They're going to come with me."

A Dollar Store spokesperson told WDSU that there is no policy that bans strollers inside stores. reports that 28 children have already died from heat after being left in cars this year.

CNBC noted earlier this year:

From blocked aisles that a mom with a stroller can't navigate, to hastily arranged shelves, the stress on Family Dollar's business model orchestrated by the management team, and not properly checked by the board, is freakishly apparent.

Sources: WDSU,, CNBC