Diabetic Boy Kicked Out Of Movie Theater Over Safety Precaution

| by Amanda Schallert

A teenager with type 1 diabetes was recently booted from a drive-in movie theater in New Jersey because he tried to bring in candy to the venue.

Ben Weidner, 16, said that he always carries candy in his backpack in case his blood sugar drops. He also packs insulin, an EpiPen and a juice box in there for his health, according to ABC News.

"Have someone tell me no, because of a really dumb reason. It's just really humiliating," Weidner said.

But at the Delsea Drive-In theater in Vineland, there is a strict policy prohibiting outside food and drinks from being let in.

Dr. John Deleonardis, the theater’s owner, said that he sells candy inside the theater and that he stands by his policy.

"My time shouldn't be occupied at the box office, trying to explain to people that we have a website. It tells you about this," Deleonardis said. "If you don't want to go to that, don't come."

Deleonardis added that he thinks diabetics should not be able to break his theater’s rules.

"Sorry your kid has an affliction but what can I tell you?" Deleonardis said.

Still, Phil Weidner, the teenager’s father, said he thinks that the theater should take into account medical problems when forming their policies.

“It's just ignorant and unacceptable. Just because he feels people are going to take advantage of him by bringing food in," he said.

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