Cops Arrest Man Speeding To Hospital With Pregnant Wife (Video)

| by Michael Allen

Zak and Bridget Evans were pulled over by police in Pineville, Louisiana, while speeding to a hospital because Bridget was in labor and bleeding on July 17 (video below).

"Nobody should have to experience that at all," Bridget told KALB. "It was the most horrific experience for any mother, especially a first time mother not knowing what's going on."

Bridget recalled going into labor seven weeks early: "I went to the bathroom. I noticed blood was all over my feet."

According to Bridget, she and her husband got into their car, turned on their flashers and drove to the hospital.

"I didn't have time to sit there and look at my speedometer, or sit there and worry about anything," Zak said. "I was worried about her, about the blood going down, and about my baby dying."

Creola Police Officer Don Crooks chased the speeding couple.

Creola Police Chief Heath Landry said Zak was not using the vehicle's flashers: "My officer clocked them doing 108 in a 55. He got behind him, [turned] his lights and siren on. The vehicle then started passing people on the right and left shoulder."

Crooks followed the car for close to five miles to Pineville where another officer was waiting. According the Evans couple, the police held them at gunpoint.

"My husband immediately started screaming, 'My wife is in labor,'" Bridget recalled. "I started screaming, 'I am in premature labor!' We both got out, and they started screaming, 'Get out of the car!'"

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Zak complied, and was handcuffed by the police.

Landry stated: "From my understanding, Mr. Evans was very irate, threatening to get everyone if he missed his wife's pregnancy."

"I know I was mad," Zak added. "But I was scared for her and my kid. I wasn't worried about me."

While bleeding, Bridget had to wait for an ambulance to come to the scene, and then take her to the hospital.

Zak was taken to a local jail to be booked, and was going to be transferred to Grant Parish when a doctor called. It was then that the police reportedly decided to only cite Zak based on the doctor's statement.

"My officer decided to just write the citations because apparently a doctor called, and said there might be issues possibly with the pregnancy," Landry recalled.

Zak was cited for speeding, flight from an officer and careless operation.

The police finally took Zak to the hospital, but he missed the birth of his child.

"So I get up here, and I missed my baby being born," Zak said. "That's the only thing I was aiming for."

Bridget added: "They wouldn't give us that chance to be able to experience something we'll never get back."

Landry countered: "My officer explained to him, 'What if you would've hit another vehicle on the way there?'"

Bridget's sister, Sheena Messina Troquille, wrote about the incident on Facebook:

The doctor who delivered Bridget's baby also called the police department and express how much emergency this was and how she should not have been waiting on the side of the road which they were very rude to her .today I lost all respect in Rapides and creola police dept. you see my hand in that picture that should have been my sister's husband's hand.

Letty was born today 7-17-17 she's in the NIC unit right now with a little lung problem but she's here prayers for Bridget Zack and Lettya Evans. I understand that blue life's matter ...but my sister and her daughter's life matters too and should not have to be held at gunpoint on the side of the road 8 and a half months pregnant with blood all down her legs.

Sources: KALB, Sheena Messina Troquille/Facebook / Photo credit: Taber Andrew Bain/Flickr, Scott Davidson/Flickr, Sheena Messina Troquille/Facebook

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