Sen. Ted Cruz Says Listen to 'Common Sense' Not Medical Experts on Ebola (Video)

| by Michael Allen

Sen. Ted Cruz recently discounted Ebola medical experts because they are being paid by the Obama administration and said the country should follow his "common sense" advice.

During an appearance on CNN's "State of the Union" today, Sen. Cruz called for a travel ban from West Africa (video below).

“The biggest mistake that continues to be made is that we continue to allow open commercial air flights,” claimed Sen. Cruz, noted CrooksandLiars.com.

“We need to take a common sense stand of suspending commercial air travel out of these countries,” added Sen. Cruz. “And for whatever reason, the Obama White House doesn’t want to.”

Public health experts, such as CDC head Dr. Tom Frieden, oppose a travel ban because West African travelers would still find a way into the U.S. and the government wouldn't be able to track them, noted Mediaite.com.

“The doctors and experts that are saying this are working for the administration and are repeating the administration talking points,” stated Sen. Cruz. “Their arguments don’t make sense.

“What is unfortunate is watching the Obama administration treat this as yet another political issue rather than as a public health crisis," said Sen. Cruz, who opposes covering uninsured Americans via Obamacare.

Sen. Cruz claimed that Thomas Eric Duncan flew from Liberia to the U.S., but CNN host Candy Crowley reminded the popular Republican that Duncan actually flew from Liberia to Brussels, Belgium, and then to the U.S.

Sources: CNN, CrooksandLiars.com, Mediaite.com

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