Elisabeth Hasselbeck Upset Over Doctor's Calm Explanation of Ebola (Video)

| by Michael Allen

"Fox & Friends" host Elisabeth Hasselbeck became upset during this morning's show when infectious disease specialist Dr. Dalilah Restrepo explained in a professional, calm and accurate manner how Ebola is spread.

Dr. Restrepo informed the anxious Fox News host that Ebola could only be spread via contact with bodily fluids, noted (video below).

“You have a very calm tone,” Hasselbeck stated. “It must come by nature with what you do professionally, doctor. The rest of us are saying, 'Wait a minute, there’s a lot of panic when it comes to the flu, to lice.' As a parent, I’m thinking, ‘Well there should be a little bit of a justification for worry here.'"

According to, Dr. Restrepo stated, "The viruses behave a little bit different. The flu virus is something that’s contagious through the air, through a droplet, it’s a little bit easier.”

“But it’s here!” Hasselbeck jumped in.

In 2013, Hasselbeck was worried about Obamacare, which provides health care access to people who normally can't afford or be accepted by health insurance plans.

 "It sounds more like Obamascare to me than Obamacare," said Hasselbeck, noted (video below).