Pastor Admits He Has AIDS, Had Sex With Church Members (Video)

| by Michael Allen

Rev. Juan McFarland revealed on Sept, 14 to the shocked congregation of the Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church that he contracted AIDS in 2008.

While the Montgomery, Ala., church was supportive, they were stunned when Rev. McFarland told them on following Sundays that he had engaged in sex with church members while knowing he had the fatal virus, reports WSFA 12 News (video below).

Rev. McFarland, who lost his job on Oct. 4, confirmed the reports to WSFA 12 News, but there may be more.

"He was on marijuana, cocaine and all the drugs you can think of," Deacon Nathan Williams Jr. told the Montgomery Advertiser. "Those are his words."

Williams said that Rev. McFarland told him that he used church money for "a good time."

Rev. McFarland has allegedly changed the church locks and the church bank account.

"If it calls for a lawsuit, it calls for a lawsuit. We're going through the process," added Williams.

Sources: WSFA 12 News, Montgomery Advertiser