'Concerned Minnesotan' Mark Fry Tried To Convince State House Committee that Colon Enzymes Are What Cause AIDS

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Someone needs a middle school science class refresher.

Mike Fry, a “concerned Minnesotan and father and husband,” otherwise known as “not a doctor,” stood before a State House Committee this week to explain how he believes gay men contract AIDS.

Here’s what he said:

"When there’s ejaculation into a vagina, there’s a barrier there — as in your packet it states there — of a cellular tissue that doesn’t allow the sperm that has an enzyme at the head of it to penetrate the blood flow. It is designed to go to the egg, that enzyme is meant to burn the outside membrane of the egg cell, go inside the egg and then deposit …

"When ejaculation occurs inside of a colon, it’s highly absorbent material, the cells do not have a barrier for the sperm and those enzymes get into the blood flow. When those enzymes enter into the blood flow and a continued and prolonged environment to that happens — these enzymes into blood flow — it causes what we know as AIDS.

"AIDS, of course, brings upon common diseases, colds and things."

Unfortunately, Fry didn’t address the fact that heterosexual couples also contract the disease, or that the “HIV enzymes” entering the egg can, in fact, infect the unborn child if left untreated.

Despite Fry's gallant effort, the House Civil Law Committee decided to not take the concerned Minnesotan’s medical advice, and passed a gay marriage bill anyway. The Senate Judiciary Committee also voted 5-3 to approve the bill, which will now go to the full senate.

The state legislature is expected to vote on the bill in the coming weeks, and Governor Mark Dayton said he will sign it if it makes it through the legislature.

Source: The Raw Story