Instagram Deletes Profile Documenting Journey Of Cancer-Stricken Toddler (Video)

| by Jared Keever

The mother of a 4-year-old girl who beat a rare form of cancer says she is upset that an Instagram account, that documented her daughter’s battle, has been deleted. 

In a videotaped interview with KCAL (shown below), Lauren Hammersley said she had hoped one day to share all of the photos, stored in the Instagram account, with her daughter Hazel. 

Hazel captured the hearts of millions in 2013 after she was diagnosed with neuroblastoma.

According to a KTLA News story, she fist made headlines in July of that year after she and her family used medical tape to write a message on a hospital window that read “SEND PIZZA RM 4112.” More than 20 pizzas were eventually sent to the room by strangers, and photos of Hazel and other patients having a pizza party in her hotel room circulated the Internet. 

The event also got word out about Hazel’s battle with the disease and people started following online accounts, started by her mom, that documented her journey. 

Hammersley told KCAL that she started the Instagram account “Hope For Hazel” and used it during Hazel’s treatment as a sort of online journal and a way of letting followers know of the girl’s status. Although she maintained other accounts — like one on Facebook and a blog — the Instagram account saw the most use and the most traffic. 

“In the beginning, it was showing when she was feeling bad during treatment, or days we got to go home and really exciting moments,” Hammersley said. “The day she shaved her head was another one, and then the day of her last chemo, that was another one. It ended up being shared with 7 million people.”

KTLA reported that the family got good news in May 2014 when tests showed Hazel was cancer-free.

But now, it appears, all of the photos and the messages from well-wishers have disappeared and the Instagram account has been deleted, which has upset Hammersley.

“The fact that she’s here and she’s healthy and she’s been through this horrific experience, I wanted her to be able to look back on that when she understood, to not only see the power that she had going through it, but the power of support that she had,” she told KCAL. 

Hammersley said she is not sure what happened, but noticed in April she was no longer receiving updates for the account. When she tried to sign in to the account she wasn’t able to. 

She said she has tried to contact Instagram but has not heard back.

KCAL also attempted to reach the company but received no word. 

Instagram is said to have the ability to restore a deleted account. If that’s the case, Hammersley said, she hopes someone there hears her story and contacts her. 

Sources:  KCAL News, YouTube, KTLA News

Photo Credit:, Screen shot from YouTube