Businessman Finds Out He Needs To Undergo A Hysterectomy

| by Dominic Kelly

A UK businessman was shocked to find out that he would need a hysterectomy to remove the fully functioning uterus that was inside of him.

Reports say that the unidentified man was worries he had cancer after discovering blood in his urine, but upon further examination, doctors found that the man had, in addition to normal male exterior genitalia, fully functioning female reproductive organs.

As it turned out, the blood that the man was seeing was actually his period, and reports say that he’s been having periods since his teens. Furthermore, the man found out that he could probably get pregnant.

“The diagnosis came as a bombshell. I'm just a regular, red-blooded guy,” the man told The Sun. “I've never seen myself as anything but an ordinary bloke who has a normal sex life. I was shocked when the consultant said I had fully functioning set of women's reproductive organs, and I was even having periods. It appears I could even potentially get pregnant. But I've been told by doctors I'll be having a hysterectomy in the next few weeks. Bizarrely, that could lead to menopause.”

Doctors say the man most likely has Persistent Mullerian duct syndrome, or PMDS. Men with PMDS develop internal female reproductive organs in addition to their external male genitalia. For the businessman, DNA tests will show whether or not he’s fully male or female, but he says he’s happy living as a man.

“In hindsight I can now see I've been having odd symptoms for years,” the man admitted. “But when I saw doctors they always fobbed me off as if it were all in my mind. It's possible tests will show I'm both male and female, but I feel completely right living my life as a guy.”

Sources: Daily Mail, The Sun, The Independent / Photo Sources: The Independent, Wikimedia Commons