British Girl Goes Into Anaphylactic Shock From Peanuts On Plane

| by Amanda Schallert

A 4-year-old girl went into anaphylactic shock on a flight back to her home in England after another passenger ignored warnings from her family not to open bags of peanuts on the plane.

The child, Fae Platten, had to be revived by an emergency injection when she stopped breathing on the Ryanair plane. The girl’s mother, 30-year-old Katy Platten, said she told airline staff about the allergy, they reportedly agreed agreed to warn everyone on the flight not to eat peanuts, according to the London Evening Standard.

However, one passenger ignored the announcement and opened a bag of peanuts near where Fae was sitting with the rest of the family.

About 20 minutes into the flight, Fae’s face started swelling and becoming itchy.

“She started scratching her cheeks, so I took her to the front and said I think somebody has opened nuts. He was incredibly selfish,” Platten said. “The air cabin crew were really good and gave her a flannel and some ice, but she was becoming quite poorly.”

Platten said that her daughter’s mouth and tongue continued to swell despite the health.

“For a few moments Fae stopped breathing,” she said. “Her airway was compromised and she went unconscious.”

Then, other passengers on the plane began to help, and one of them used an epipen to revive Fae. That kept her alive until the plane landed and she was rushed to emergency care.

The man who opened up the bag of peanuts will be banned from future Ryanair flight, Platten said.

“It was a very lucky escape. It could have been a tragedy,” she said. “Fae doesn’t want to fly ever again - she has understandably had some night terrors since the incident. But someone was obviously watching over us that day.”

Source: London Evening Standard