Bedbugs In NYC Subway, N Train Conductor Says She Was Bitten

| by Sarah Fruchtnicht

A New York City subway train conductor says she was bit by a bedbug while working on a Coney Island-bound N Train Monday, the Metropolitan Transit Authority said.

Bedbugs were found on at least four other trains this month – three of them on N trains.

The conductor requested medical attention and was taken to Brooklyn Hospital Center, CBS New York reported.

The train was taken out of service and exterminators were notified, the MTA said.

Earlier this month the MTA confirmed that three separate N trains had to be taken out of service when bedbugs were found on board. The parasites have also been spotted on the Q and 6 lines. They were found on the seat cushions inside the cabs where conductors and motormen sit.

The MTA maintains that for such a large train network the infestation is small.

"The subway system has 5.5 million riders every single day and we can't check all of them for bedbugs before letting them on the train," MTA spokesman Adam Lisberg said earlier this month. "That said, when we get reports of bedbug sightings we investigate — and exterminate. This is an interesting story but not a big problem."

Sources: CBS New York, New York Daily News

Image credit: Flickr Creative Commons / Mo Riza, Wikipedia