Americans Eat More Calories Per Day Than Anyone Else (Graph)

| by Jonathan Wolfe

Shocker: people from the most overweight nation in the world eat more food than anyone else.

The health site created a handful of infographics recently about nutrition and exercise. One of the visuals shows daily calorie consumption in different countries around the world, and, if you’re American, the results aren’t good.

The average American eats a whopping 3,770 calories per day – far more than the recommended intake of roughly 2,000 calories daily. Australia and Italy are close behind, with residents eating 3,760 and 3,660 calories per day, respectively. On the opposite end of the spectrum is Congo, where residents eat just 1,590 calories per day.

Here’s the graph, courtesy of MailOnline:

Biggest eaters: A new infographic shows how many calories residents of various countries eat per day, with the U.S. coming in first place at 3,770 calories, followed closely by Austria at 3,760

Another chart by Evoke compares the calorie densities of different foods. For example, a 200 calorie portion of broccoli is 588 grams of food. But for a calorie-dense snack like gummy bears, a 200 calorie portion is just 51 grams of food.

Check it out:

Compare and contrast: Another fascinating section of the chart shows how much 200 calories is worth in healthy foods compared to unhealthier ones

Good and bad: For instance, while it would take 570 grams of baby carrots to reach an intake of 200 calories, just 34 grams of fried bacon has the same calorific value

Sources:, MailOnline