Cops Remove Kids From Home Because Parents Bought Health Supplement (Video)

| by Michael Allen

Hal Stanley's home in Hot Springs, Arkansas, was raided last Monday by State and Garland County agents.

The day ended with Stanley's seven children being taken away by officers (video below).

The police reportedly had a search warrant and were looking for a supplement called MMS, also known as Miracle Mineral Solution.

MMS is not illegal and can be bought online.

However, the Food and Drug Administration has put out a warning that MMS "becomes a potent chemical that’s used as a bleach when mixed according to package directions" and "drinking the amount recommended on product labels can cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and symptoms of severe dehydration."

Hal, whose family lives "off-the-grid," told Arkansas Matters that his children do not use MMS, but he does occasionally and uses the chemical to purify his garden's water supply.

The Stanleys, who describe themselves as "preppers," say they homeschool their children and avoid contact with government.

The couple claims the officers told them how the children and living conditions were fine. However, that night some officers returned and took their kids.

Authorities will not share any details other than to say the children were taken from the home. Child protective services can only hold the children for 72 hours and then require a judge's order.

According to a Facebook page connected to the Stanleys, they have contacted a lawyer.

Sources: Food and Drug Administration,, Facebook
Image Credit: Arkansas Matters screenshot