Alabama Man Goes Into Hospital For Circumcision, Doctors Amputate His Penis

| by Sarah Fruchtnicht

An Alabama man has filed suit against a Baptist Health System hospital after he went in for a circumcision and woke up after surgery to find his penis amputated.

The unidentified married man and his wife filed a malpractice complaint against Baptist Health System dba Princeton Baptist Medical Center; Urology Centers of Alabama PC; Simon-Williamson Clinic PC; and Drs. Vincent M. Bivins and Alan C. Aikens in Jefferson County Court on Tuesday, according to Courthouse News Service.

In 2011, a Kentucky man, Phillip Seaton, made headlines when he claimed he went in for a circumcision and a urologist ended up removing part of his penis, according to CNN.

Dr. Dennis Pessis, president-elect of the American Urological Association, told CNN that men don’t ask enough questions when they consider penile procedures.

"Women are much more engaged with their health,” Pessis said in a 2011 interview. "It's gotten better in the past 15 years, but still, men don't always seek out the best treatments for themselves."

The fact that it is a vascularized organ, with a lot of blood running through it, makes the risk of bleeding much higher in penile surgery.

Dr. Irwin Goldstein, director of San Diego Sexual Medicine, told CNN that some urologists have no business performing circumcisions.

"Some urologists do nothing but treat kidney stones or urinary incontinence, and you don't want that urologist doing your circumcision," Goldstein said. "They need to know what they're doing so they don't remove too much or too little skin, or create a new problem like an angled penis."

Sources: Courthouse News Service, CNN

Image credit: Mark Hillary