Woman's Graphic Message About Tanning Goes Viral

| by Zara Zhi

A British skin cancer patient's scar picture has gone viral on social media.  

After using tanning beds and refusing to wear sunscreen since the age of 13, it’s no surprise 40-year-old Lorraine Henderson from Livingston, West Lothian, Scotland, was diagnosed with melanoma.

Now she is left with a prominent scar caused by her tanning obsession. Henderson posted the image of her scar on Facebook on April 4, gaining overwhelming support for her message and earning more than 3,800 shares in four days.

Her message reads:

“Has took me a few weeks 2 come 2 terms with this b4 I posted...I had a spot on my face for over a yr then thinking the sun wld clear it up and didn't, a gd friend advised me 2 get this checked out in which I look and was told I had skin cancer...not lking 4 any sympathy comments, wld jst like 2 put out there that after years of abusing sunbeds not putting the proper suncream on has resulted in a permanent scar on my face. BE AWARE. SUNBEDS, SUN, DOES LEAVE PERMANENT DAMAGE!!”

Henderson says she used to spend nine minutes at a time on the tanning beds, which were set to “high impact” in an effort to get a deep tan.

When she noticed an odd spot on her face that wouldn’t clear up, a friend told her to get it checked out by a doctor.

The dermatologist took one look at her face and said she had skin cancer, according to Daily Mail. Henderson was shocked because she never believed she could get melanoma.

Henderson had surgery to remove the cancer, but it left a substantial scar on her face.

“I’d go on holiday and get the best tan I could, then come back and really hit the sun beds to keep my color up,” she told STV during an interview.

“I just was wanting to feel good about myself and when you’ve got a tan you do feel good about yourself.

Henderson admits that she never wore sunscreen and used baby oil to get the darkest tan possible.

“I thought it was just a spot on my face. It was coming up to summer and I thought, ‘the sun will help clear it up,’” she said.

She has since vowed to stop tanning and wear sunscreen, according to Daily Mail.

“I didn’t realize there was going to be such a frenzy about it. I would just stay clear of sun beds -- I’ll be wearing factor 50 [from now on]. That’s something I’ve never even done.”

Sources: Daily Mail, Lorraine Henderson/Facebook / Photo credit: Lorraine Henderson/Facebook

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