Woman Gives Birth To Third Set Of Twins In Two Years

| by Jonathan Constante

A mother from Kansas City, Kansas, gave birth to her third set of twins in 26 months.

Danesha Couch, 20, and her fiance, Jeffrey, gave birth to Danarius on April 13, 2014, ABC News reported. The child’s twin brother, Desmond, died from complications of placental abruption.

"It's been pretty tough," Couch told ABC News. "I tend to cry about it one minute, and then I am happy again. I do hope one day [Danarius] doesn't tell me he feels empty and alone [without his brother]."

Couch gave birth to her second set of twins, Delilah and Davina, on May 29, 2015.

"I was surprised on my second time because me and their dad were discussing it, jokingly," Couch recalled. "I said, 'This is not happening right now. Pinch me.' [My fiance] pinched me, and it was reality."

On June 17, 2016, the couple had another set of twins, the odds of which happening are 1 in 88,000, the Little Things reported. Their names are Darla and Dalanie. 

According to Dr. Marjorie Greenfield, Couch has a rare condition that occurs partly for genetic reasons.

"It's partly statistical and it's partly genetic," Greenfield told the news station. "She probably doesn't release two eggs every single month, but there are people that are genetically prone to releasing two eggs.”

“The way you get fraternal twins is by releasing two eggs,” Greenfield added. “Identicals are not formed by releasing two eggs. If you release more eggs, therefore, you have a greater chance of having twins.”

Couch said she did not take any fertility treatments for any of her pregnancies. She said she goes through about 35 diapers a day.

"I feel blessed that I can even have babies," Couch said. "When I talk to women that can't have kids, I consider donating my eggs. I would just have to speak with my spouse about it. I would be 100 percent OK with it."

Sources: ABC News, Little Things / Photo credit: Danesha Couch via ABC News

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