7-Inch Signal Lever Found In Man's Arm 51 Years After Accident

| by Will Hagle

A 75-year-old man recently underwent surgery to remove a car part that had been lodged in his arm for fifty-one years. 

Arthur Lampitt of Granite City, Illinois survived a major car crash in 1963, when his Thunderbird collided with a truck. According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the accident broke Lampitt's hit and distracted from his arm, which ultimately healed on its own. Lampitt was unaware that the 7-inch signal lever had become embedded in his arm until around ten years ago, when it set off a metal detactor at a court house. An X-ray revealed the object, but doctors told Lampitt that it wasn't concerning considering it didn't cause him any pain. 

Lampitt's wife Betty claimed that things only became problematic recently. "Everything was fine until it started to get bigger," she said, "The arm started bulging."

Lampitt had the object removed during a 45-minute operation conducted by Dr. Timothy Lang in St. Louis. He wasn't sure that the object was the signal lever until it was removed, but Lampitt suspected that to be the culprit after examining old photos from the scene of the crash. Lang explained that a protective pocket had formed around the lever in Lampitt's arm. 

"We see all kinds of foreign objects like nails or pellets, but usually not this large, usually not a turn signal from a 1963 T-Bird. Something this large often gets infected," Dr. Lang said.  

Sources: ABC News, The St. Louis Post-Dispatch / Photo Credit: The St. Louis Post-Dispatch