64-Year-Old Woman From Spain Gives Birth To Twins (Photos)

| by Jonathan Constante

A 64-year-old Spanish woman has given birth to twins.

The unnamed woman, identified only by her initials M.I.A., became Spain's second oldest mother ever after a Caesarian section was performed in the city of Burgos on Feb. 14, the Daily Mail reported.

The twins, a boy and a girl, were said to be in perfect health, Kidspot reported. The girl weighed 4 lbs and 8 oz, while the boy weighed 5 lbs and 3 oz.

The mother became pregnant following a successful IVF treatment. The C-section was performed at Recoletas Hospital.

"The mother and her twins, a boy and a girl, will remain in the hospital for four or five days which is normal after a Caesarian," a hospital spokesperson said. "There were no problems. Everything went according to plan."

The woman had given birth to another daughter in 2011, but that child was taken away by social services amid reports of problems with personal hygiene and lack of schooling, according to Spanish news outlet El Mundo. The 6-year-old girl is now staying with a relative.

The hospital spokesperson added:

M.I.A, 64 and from the province of Burgos, has just become a mother for the second time after giving birth to twins.

The children were born via a pre-programmed Caesarian. The patient and the babies, a boy and a girl, are in a perfect state of health.

This is an exceptional case not only for the region, but also for Spain, given the fact that she’s one of the few women aged more than 58 who has managed to successfully complete her pregnancy with twins.

The C-section has been a success thanks to the coordinated work of a multidisciplinary team from the hospital formed by two gynecologists, two pediatricians, two matrons and the team of nurses and nursing assistants necessary for an operation of this magnitude.

The patient underwent IVF treatment in the United Sates and after falling pregnant, returned to Spain.

She picked the Recoletas Hospital in Burgos, a leading private clinic, which she confided in six years ago for the birth of her first daughter.

Specialists opted for a pre-programmed Caesarian which is generally favored in cases like these.

Spain's previous oldest mother was 67 years old. She died of cancer at 69 in July 2009, after giving birth to IVF twins as well.

Daljinder Kaur of India is still the world's oldest documented mother, having given birth at 70 after two years of IVF treatment. Her baby, Armaan, was born weighing 4.4 lbs.

Sources: Daily Mail, Kidspot / Photo Credit: Solarpix via Daily Mail

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