4 Kitchen Tools that Can Make Life with Diabetes Easier

| by DeepDiveAdmin

Whether you've been managing diabetes for a long time or are newly diagnosed, cooking can come with its challenges. Planning and preparing nutritious meals supports healthful eating habits, but can also be very time-consuming. A few simple kitchen tools can take some of the stress out of diabetic cooking, all of which can be purchased online or at your local kitchen supply store.

Portion Control Dishes

Plates, bowls, cups, food containers and other dish-ware that are pre-made for portion control are incredibly useful for diabetics – especially when first learning how to allocate daily calories. Portion control containers can also be helpful when planning on-the-go meals or food for traveling, as they ensure you'll have access to the right amount of food when you need it. If you're unsure how to use portion control dishes correctly for your particular caloric needs, check in with your doctor or a nutritionist.

Food Scale

Having a food scale is also helpful for diabetics, as it makes weighing food simple and fast instead of "eyeballing" common measurements when it comes to things like fish fillets or meat. Food scales are also useful in baking measurements, as they prevent the excess use of things like sugar or flour – both of which can add significant calories and carbohydrates to your diet.

Vegetable Noodle Maker

A vegetable spiral tool or "noodle" maker is one of the best tools to have on hand if you're missing carbohydrates. "Pasta" noodles can easily be made from vegetables like zucchini, which are much lower in calories and carbohydrates than regular pasta noodles.

Oil Mister

It's easy to overdo it when using cooking oils – which can add excess fat and calories to your diet. Using an oil mister, however, is an easy way to cut down on oil consumption. You can use oil misters with most every type of cooking oil. Doing so may also save you money in the long run as an alternative to buying spray oil in the can.

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