Police: Two Middle School Students Poisoned By Classmates (Video)

| by Jonathan Constante

Two teenage boys could face criminal charges after poisoning two of their classmates with a concoction they made in the science classroom.

Anastasia Peralta got a call Monday informing her that her 14-year-old daughter had been poisoned at Eagle Ridge Middle School in Rio Rancho, New Mexico, KOAT 7 reports.

Her daughter was hospitalized after complaining to the school nurse that she had abdominal pain and nausea. Peralta told KOAT 7 that her daughter was the victim of a malicious prank.

"Apparently, they put some hazardous chemicals into a Gatorade bottle and offered it away," the mother said.




Authorities say the two 14-year-old boys used materials from one of the science labs to make the concoction. They allegedly put the mixture into a bottle and offered it Peralta’s daughter.

"Where was the teacher?” asked Peralta. “Where was the supervision, especially in a lab full of chemicals?"

The girl stayed at the hospital overnight and is reportedly in stable condition. Doctors are running tests to determine what she ingested, Peralta said.

Police said they are looking into filing criminal charges against the two teenage boys, who offered the drink to another 14-year-old boy who was also hospitalized.

Sources: KOAT 7, Albuquerque Journal

Photo Credit: Screenshot from YouTube

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