Healing Yoga: The Yoga Medicine Bag

| by Everything Yoga

I'm sure if I wrote that yoga will cure whatever ails you, some medical association would come and shut down my blog (and, as much as I love yoga and believe in its healing power, this just ain't so). SO, while I won't tell you that yoga is a panacea for all physical and emotional conditions, but I will tell you that it's an excellent complementary therapy. The days of seeing yoga as a simple stress reliever are over. Yoga can help with pain relief for a variety of physical conditions; it can keep a diseased body moving and flexible; it can quell emotional and psychological disorders. The list goes on an on.

Here's a handy yoga as medicine bookshelf (which is by no means all-inclusive -- I'm just hitting on the highlights and some of my favorite resources) to guide you through employing yoga as a complementary therapy:

General Wellness

These books cover a variety of issues/ailments including insomnia, infertility, MS, back pain, and chronic fatigue. These books cover the gamut of emotional, physical, and psychological afflictions.





Neurological Disorders/Movement Disorders






Chronic Pain






Carpal Tunnel/Repetitive Stress Injuries


I'll leave you with a little metta-esque (if you're feeling so inclined to do a little metta bhavana on your own, click here) wish -- May you be healthy and free from suffering. And if you are suffering, may the practice of yoga lessen it.